Flora & Fauna

The Maldives are known for exotic wildlife such as reef sharks, colorful birds, turtles, megabats, the changeable lizard, sting rays, crabs, dolphins , whales and fish. (1)

The Maldives accounts for over 3% of the worlds coral reefs. (2)

The flora of the Maldives includes mango, papaya, coconuts, breadfruit and banyan. The flora of the north islands and the south islands are more fertile than the central islands. (3)

The Maldives has 1,300 reefs in total and has the record of the largest atoll system (4). An atoll is a ring shaped reef of island made of coral (5) . An atoll has a lagoon in the middle which is teeming of life like crabs, sharks, dolphins, rays and lots and lots of fish! (6)

Fig1. Birds eye view of an atoll. Credit to nationalgeographic.org