The population of the Maldives is 537, 822 (1)

The people of the Maldives are mainly employed in the following industries (2):

  • tourism (39%)
  • fishing
  • shipping


  • The Maldives have been Islamic since 12th century but women do not need to Purdah. (1)
  • The Maldivians observe The 5 Pillars of Islam; faith, prayer, fasting, almsgiving, pilgrimage. (2)
  • Some Maldivians believe that bad spirits called Jinnis haunt the ocean, sky and land. There is also a person called the Hakeem who tries to stop them. (3)


The green on the Maldivian flag represents palm trees and progress. The red on the flag represents heroes and the pain that they went through for their country. The moon represents Islamic culture. (1)


The official Maldivian language is Dhivehi (Dev-ee-i-a) which originates from Sanskrit. (1)

To count to ten you say:

1=Ekeh, 2=Dehyh, 3=Thineh, 4=Hathareh, 5=Faheh, 6=Hayeh, 7=Hatheh, 8=Asheh, 9=Nuvaeh, 10=Dhihaeh. (2)

Here are some phrases:

  • Hello= assalaamu alaikum
  • Goodbye= vakivelan
  • Please= adhes kohfa
  • Thankyou= shukuriyaa
  • Nice to meet you= saddhalu vee thi varah ufavejje (3)