The Maldives is 820km North to South and 600km East to West(1). It has many different islands made of earth & sand and a wall of coral to protect it from the destructive powers from monsoons, one between May and August and one between December and March. (2)

Maldives Geographical Features

The Islands of the Maldives are surround by water but there is no rivers or lakes in the Whole of the Maldives! (3) The topography of the island is sand and marsh and is only around four foot above the ocean, in fact the highest point in the Maldives is only 7.87 foot above sea level! (4) Australia has a average elevation of 330m (5) which towers over the Maldives. This means the Maldives are in great danger as sea levels rise.


An atoll is formed when a underwater volcano breaches the surface and after a while a coral reef form around it creating a lagoon and then the volcano completely sinks and it leaves behind an atoll (6)

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